Saturday, July 9, 2016

So here is where I attempt another path.

Most of my blogs have wavered back and forth, yet have always touched upon the same themes.  I did some very deep thinking during what little free time I had at work the last few days.  I had been feeling a complete sense of loss and feeling as if I had no real path for me to be on. I kept asking for a sign, for a signal or for someone to show me that I am on the right path.  It took me a significant amount of thought and a quote from Neil Gaiman that made me realize what I needed to really do.

If I was really to focus on what I was passionate about I would write about 4 things and I realized those four things are what I need to focus on.  So from this point on this blog is going to  change.   I feel like this blog as gone in so many directions yet all those directions are leading to the same place.  So here is what the content from this point on:

1) I will write about the books I read. I'm not great at reviewing books but I will talk about the books I read, why I love them and why they stand out to me. I probably will also share those quotes that stood out to me.

2) Modern Hobbit Living.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and second breakfasts. I am a firm believer that there has to be a way to make what I call "hobbit living" modern and accessible.

3) Knitting, I love to knit. I'm not a person who can design patterns or anything like that, but I come across some very awesome patterns online. So i will post about amazing patterns I find and how I am progressing  on my attempts at them.

4) Herbalism. I have always been interested in herbalism as well as natural healing.  I have signed up for herbalism course and so I will write about my adventures and what I learn in my studies.

Do I intend to keep this as the intellectual hermitage? Yes because this is still my virtual hermitage, it is still a place where I intend to share my solitude, my practices and my intellectual passions.  I hope that you continue to follow this journey with me.

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