Friday, July 29, 2016

All this things up to now

Up to this point it took me a while to really sort out what direction I needed to take in my life. I always wavered along the same lines but never really committed to anything as I was so passionate about quite a few things, self education, solitude, writing, reading, knitting, and a few other things that I didn't share. It took me a while and the gentle nudging from some kind souls to realize that I needed to commit to the lifestyle I really wanted instead of watching my life just tick by hour by hour.

I realized that I wanted to live an intentional life, that I wanted to focus on slow living. That I needed to focus on the people I love and the things I love. I also needed to focus on my health, both mental and physical. So I took steps to start working towards a career change. I had to be serious with myself, I knew I would never return to college to get a degree in English literature because I never did well in college being around other people. So I began to follow a different path. Always having an interest in herbalism and natural healing I have enrolled myself in an introductory course to herbalism and if all goes well I will hopefully complete the entirely of the course in the next 4-5 years and hope to get myself certified by the American herbalist guild. During that period I am also considering taking on coursework to become a massage therapist and study reflexology as well. I was inspired by a loving soul in my life to consider when completed opening up a natural healing clinic of sorts. I was so grateful for this persons inspiration and confidence in me.

I see the colors my life is now taking on and the direction that I am supposed to go. I finally understand my path, there is no rush, no being forced, no real fear anymore. There is only a strong sense of purpose and knowing that I'm happy in my decisions.

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