Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So today marks the start of my new self education plan, unfortunately I really haven't sat here and planned out the curriculum for the full year. I have sketched out a tentative plan of action that I am going to follow.

I will start with:

-Ancient Greek Civilization
-Intro to Greek Philosophy
-The Illiad of Homer

from there I will move to:

-Classic Mythology
-Masters of Greek Thought
-The Odyssey of Homer

From there I am not sure if I want to pursue Plato,Socrates and Aristotle individually if the lecture series do not cover them as in depth. If they are covered in depth by the Masters of Greek Thought lectures I will move on to

-Greco-Roman Moralists
-Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Literature
-Greek and Persian Wars
-Alexander the Great
-Roman History

I think that these lectures with their subsequent reading lists should carry me through the end of the year. In addition to that I will be studying French from Duolingo and eventually migrating to Rosetta stone ( I still at some point in my life want to learn ancient Greek and Latin but currently do not have the time and am still somewhat intellectually intimidated by them).

I was also contemplating renewing my cello lessons, but that's going to be wholly dependent on time available and financials. I may just start practicing the cello again with my book and the resources available online instead. For now I am going to solely be working on the lecture series and the "fun" reading associated with the reading group that I just recently joined because of a coworker.