Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rebranding and Giving Back To the Community

During this whole rebranding process, I came to realize that I had lost  a lot of empathy and compassion for others that I used to have.  A series of events and daily interactions with others had led to this ever increasing decline in my compassion for my fellow man.  Even the sporadic meditation I used to do has been unable to quell this dwindling faith in humanity that I used to have. Part of me has had to wonder if any of this ties into my current employ, where I deal with situations that require large measures of both. Unfortunately one begins to wonder if the wells of empathy and compassion cannot go dry when we find ourselves forced to dig deeper and deeper with out anything to restore these stores.Originally part of my rebranding process centered around me trying to get my writing, blogging and poetry  as the soul focus of what I intended to change.

As I dug down into the parts of me what I wanted to be the face of my brand I also realized that I wanted to be able to give back to my community. Unfortunately I began to see the areas where I wanted to put my efforts in to help were outside my current skill set. I therefor have decided to add to my rebranding process going back to college to finish my degree.  I would like to work with underprivileged  juveniles, in hopes of inspiring in them the desire to learn and further their own education  either through traditional means or through the autodidact process.  I also want to work these same juveniles in hopes to inspire in them to engage in working on creative fiction or poetry. Many times this demographic doesn't receive the encouragement and motivation necessary to inspire them to reach for higher education, or see how even pursuing an course of autodidactism can benefit them greatly. There also runs the risk of students in need of advance placement education being overlooked in these demographics as well.  In order for me to do this, I will need to go back to school and restart my degree as I have been out of school for so longer.  This I hope will allow me to give back and put what little empathy and compassion I have left to good use.

I think when most people look at changing themselves, they tend to opt for only changing what they are without realizing in order to truly be a better person we have to be able to give back to the community,  We sometimes forget that we need to utilize the skills we have to help inspire other. On a small scale I hope the relaunch of my blog will reach out and inspire others to further their autodidact pursuits as well and inspire others in producing creative fiction.  I also hope that I can help others on their own path to rebranding.