Friday, September 25, 2015


I find myself making various transitions in my life, getting myself on a path that is attuned to the way I want to live my life.  As I do this I have come to realize that An Intellectual Hermitage itself is in need of a makeover.  I am considering migrating it to a wordpress site.  I've also decided to get myself back into educational program as well as rededicating myself to my writing program.  

Nanowrimo is swiftly approaching and I have realized that this year I am going to participate and focus on really finishing one of the many novel ideas that I have had in the works.   I have found that I really need to focus on what is important to me.  My literary ambitions have always been lofty, but as I get older I realize that this is the life that has coursed through my veins unlived.  Today I took one of the many steps necessary in order to live the way I wish to live.

As I traverse this new path I also intend to focus more on posting blog posts more, as well as tying this in to my Instagram and Twitter, I do not know if I will integrate my facebook into this as well, but that is just a far more personal aspect of my life that I am not sure I am ready to make public to anyone aside from those who know me in real life.

I hope dear reader that you will indeed stay with me on this new course as I walk a new road.....