Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Examined Life: Reigniting the Fire of Intellectual Pursuits.

I have been very lax in doing much of anything these days. I halted my pursuit of living a hobbit life, I stopped following the intellectual path, to be honest and a bit vulgar I just stopped giving a shit about pretty much everything that I had cared about. I was extremely overwhelmed with stress and had found myself emotionally and physically out of sorts. I've been taking a bit of time as of late to sort myself out and I was able to find some direction. I've been able to get back no the correct track. I've rediscovered my passion for wanting to live a hobbit style life and for wanting to pursue and examined life.

I have been trying to figure out where to start because to be honest when you look at taking on the Great Books of the Western World and the Lifetime Reading Plan, also while trying take on the Great Courses program while working full time is a bit overwhelming. Maybe I am biting off a bit more than I can chew but the reality is unless one puts full effort into expanding their educational base what is the point. The Lifetime Reading Plan by Clifton Fadiman shows the Epic of Gilgamesh as the first selection. Although I have a copy of the book already, I have decided to pick up Samuel Noah Kramer's book The Sumerians, as well as downloading the audio lectures from The Great Courses on Ancient Mesopotamia which touches on the sumerians as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh.

My pursuit of hobbit life has pretty much been trying to embody the Wisdom of the Shire by Noble Smith. I haven't been able to really focus on it too much and the closest I have gotten to it is quietly spending time knitting and drinking tea.

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