Friday, April 18, 2014

Hobbit Living 101

So as I said, my latest endeavor is to live like a hobbit.  As I said in the earlier post I think we as individuals would live better lives and ultimately become better people.  So the question we must ask is where to start?

When you think about it our modern world most of us live in urban areas where building a hobbit hole ( ie our own Bag End) is not feasible.  Also it seems that our society has split into two different factions, almost cold and cynical individuals who have turned away from the ideal of community and have become overwhelmed by mass consumerism and those who are preaching the testament of community, being a localvore and recommuning with the earth.  I think in order to live like a hobbit we need to shy away from becoming like the first and striving to be like the second group.

So taking into account that ideology how does one begin to live like a hobbit.  It starts at home.  For all hobbits home is to cite the clichè "where the heart is".  That is where I am beginning, at home.  How does one make their house into a hobbit home, be it a house, an apartment, a rented room, or if your lucky your own Bag End?  When one thinks of a hobbit home, we think of a warm hearth, good food, a comfortable chair, and books.  I live with family and so I have opted to turn only my room into a hobbit hole.  I have an upcoming extended time off from my job, so I will be completely tackling all the chaos and disorder and excessive mess that I have amassed and reconstructing the room into a hobbit hole.  More to come.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Newest idea

I have been lax on this blog...lately I have been on a new path...I have been thinking that if human beings lived more like hobbits we would be better creatures.  We would have more respect for our fellow man, for other animals on this planet, and for our I'm on a quest does on live a hobbit life, because I cannot advocate this unless I fully embrace it myself.